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Carpet Beetle Elimination Auckland

Since 1988 Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland offers domestic and commercial carpet beetle pest control and Carpet Beetle Elimination to eliminate the infestation. As expert pest controllers, we will find and identify the root cause and treat it fast. Furthermore, we offer our service to South Auckland City, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast areas.

Carpet beetle control

To properly and effectively break the carpet beetle cycle, you need more than just a carpet beetle control spray or bomb. A beetle infestation is a beetle’s eggs that hatch after the carpet beetle spray treatment or bomb has dissipated.

With 0ver 33 years of carpet beetle control services since 1988 Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland have found a way to effectively break beetle infestation. Firstly is to thoroughly clean the carpet and upholstery with a powerful carpet cleaning steam clean machine as possible. Therefore, removing the eggs and the bulk of the carpet beetles. Then, as part of the carpet beetle control system; apply the pest control product to kill the remaining carpet beetles.

Carpet beetles and textile pests, in general, are usually found in flowers, pollen, and shrubs, as well as birds’ nests. When carrying flowers home you can easily bring an adult beetle to your property and start a textile pest infestation. Another way of starting a textile pest infestation at your property is to let birds nest in your loft, around your rooftop or in the yard. Some species of carpet beetles settle in birds’ nests.

Carpet Beetles

What do you have to find in your business or home before calling for pest control? We’re willing to bet that list will include rats and mice, cockroaches, ants, and wasps, but would you think of carpet beetles?

Despite being largely absent from public consciousness, carpet beetles are voracious and destructive creatures that have overtaken clothes moths as the number one Auckland textile pest. Call Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland. Infestations are notably difficult to eradicate since it’s nearly impossible to remove their food source, which is your carpets, furniture and even your pet’s fur.

Pest Control for Carpet Beetle Treatment

The treatment of carpet beetles consists of identifying the extent of the infestation. You should check old bird nesting material or similar sources to avoid beetle larvae. Once the carpet beetle infestation is assessed, then treatment would start using a residual insecticide by experts such as Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland.

Regular checks would help you reduce the opportunity to develop a pest infestation. Taking extra care when emptying the contents of the hoover would ensure that no eggs are dropped out.

Black carpet beetle is quite common in most homes and offices. Over the years, most pest control companies have been called to homes and business premises to help get rid of this annoying pest. Furthermore, these pests are also known to destroy stored food pieces of stuff and clothes. Black carpet beetles usually find their way through openings in doorways, windows as well as cracks on the walls. The main reason why most people tend to find it hard to keep them out of their property is their size.

COVID-19 Corona Virus Disinfecting Service Auckland

Efficient FDA approved 99.9% Antiviral Sanitisation bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. 

Realising the importance of slowing down the spread of COVID-19, we developed a service based on guidelines by Public Health Auckland. It is suitable for all non-healthcare premises and can be used as a precautionary measure.

This type of virus control against spreading infection is carried out with a highly effective and independently-certified virucidal cleaner used for infection control. This eliminates dangerous viruses, microscopic bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens that can cause disease.

All Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry technicians are wearing protective gear including masks, gloves, goggles and protective overshoes PPE.

The treatment includes all surfaces such as hard floors, walls, cupboards, furniture, desks, equipment, computers, door handles, bathrooms, control panels, kitchen tops, tables, doors, as well as carpeting, etc. Overall, any highly touched area or surface you can think of. Since 1988 providing Auckland with a cleaner, healthier pathogen germ-free home, office and workplace.


If you want the best carpet beetle elimination service, then call us. Indeed, regular vacuuming and clean carpet are essential to your carpets and your family’s health. The best method recommended by the carpeting manufacturers truck mount hot water extraction comply referred to as steam cleaners. Phone the Experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services South Auckland Central City CBD, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast on 0800 783-266 or email us.

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Whereas most people are fond of calling experts to deal with issues to do with pests in their site. They can save by taking matters into their own hands. Getting rid of carpet beetles is not that hard if you have the right information to guide you.

The above carpet beetle information is supplied by Graeme Stephens, an IICRC certified – 2001 Master Restoration Technician. To help you make an informed decision for your animal odour contamination. For the professionals at Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services Phone 0800 110 282, or email us.

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