Methods of Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning methodsIn 1987, the professionals at Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning employed both truck-mounted and portable steam extraction methods for carpet cleaning. The company proudly stands by superior truck-mounted equipment services, which remove more soil, dirt, viruses, germs, and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for over 35 years. We are using both types of machines. The Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Premium Truck-Mounted Machines use 84°C Hot Steam Kills and Remove 99% of Coronaviruses, Dirt, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust mites, Germs, and 97% of stains.

Truck-mounted and Portable Machines Differ in Cleaning Performance.

Here is the difference: while I can do an excellent job with either machine, it is easier to do a fantastic job with the more powerful truck-mounted engine. The portable takes a more experienced and better-trained individual to do a good job. Moreover, the truck mount is more substantial and runs off a diesel or petrol engine. Therefore, it has much more power. This extra power helps flush the soil with a high-pressure steam pump. The increased power also means more vacuum. Thus, it means more mud and dirt and a dryer carpet. The truck-mounted units have a superior heater to a portable. More heat makes it easier to clean out the dirtiest of traffic patterns.

Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaner Machines

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is called a Steam Cleaning service. The steam produced during this service is a by-product of boiling water and does no work. The highly pressurised, highly heated water does most of the work. Most carpet cleaner companies who perform a hot water extraction cleaning method should use truck-mounted units to complete this type of service.

The two types of machines are truck-mounted units and portable units. Furthermore, truck-mounted units are the better machines to be used. Portables are necessary for a hot water extraction cleaning method if the hoses from a truck-mounted unit may not reach where the cleaning is performed. A truck-mounted unit is a heavy-duty, industrial-grade machine. It is petro or diesel-powered and can provide water temperatures under boiling, very high pressures, and a powerful vacuum. This truck mount will ensure a cleaning that reaches deep down to the fibres’ base and suck out as much dirt, residue, and water as possible.

You hire a company that uses truck-mounted units to ensure the best cleaning results possible! However, there is a difference in the level of cleaning performed between truck-mounted and portable units. Additionally, truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment units cannot serve places like high-rise buildings.

Carpet Cleaning Methods Additional Information

The results can differ when you hire a larger company of cleaner employees with various carpet cleaning training levels. Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning has consistently found that the more relaxed you are, the more you can make it for carpet cleaner employees to do an excellent job. Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning owes its success to simplicity. The more steps, the more difficult it is for a carpet cleaning employee to get superior results.

The less likely you will get excellent results consistently if you use truck-mounted cleaner when cleaning higher areas. The only option would be to use electric portable carpet cleaning machines. Carpet cleaning services primarily use truck-mounted cleaning equipment also use this machine, like Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Methods- Portable Units

A portable unit is mainly the type of unit you would rent from your local grocery store. While it may be slightly helpful, it should be emphasised. These portable units work similarly, but they are much less effective. Also, a mobile unit plugs into a wall and can only generate a certain pressure, heat, and vacuum level.

Those three aspects of a unit are the critical parts that help with the cleaning. A portable unit limits how deep cleaning can be and has less power. Thus, we work with a high standard of Carpet Cleaning Businesses and Environmental regulations, which is suitable for high-rise buildings and apartment carpet cleaning. Of course, the reason is that portable devices need electricity.

Most circuits in a home only have 15 amps or 20 amps. Thus, it asks many electric circuits to support a pump, vacuum motor, and heater. Some professional portable steam machines help with this by having two cords and asking you to plug into two circuits, not two outlets but two circuits. By splitting up the heater cords from the vacuum, the spray pump can help with the power problem. Thus, it will not close the gap between the truck mount and the portable. However, it is suitable for high-rise buildings and apartment carpet cleaning; it certainly helps.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Then there are low moisture carpet cleaning services for all those who habitually vacuum their carpets and rugs. Eventually, it is unsuitable for families with kids, allergic people, or pets. This technique is only worthwhile for surface cleaning. Furthermore, it gives immediate results by making your carpet look spotless and pleasant and using a soft material and a rotary pad machine to rub off all the dirt.

If this is not enough, Carpet Cleaning offers various services, including carpet repair, deodorising, stain-proof coating, and other cleaning methods. Also, it uses multiple techniques like hot water extraction systems, dry solvent cleaning techniques, shampoo brushing, dry powder cleaning techniques, etc. Thus, signing up for a professional carpet cleaning service is better than doing it yourself. Of course, the service guys will have all the necessary equipment to handle your specific needs. Also, it is essential to know beforehand how long it will take.

Online Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Best value-effective Auckland carpet cleaners service. Mention this and get a free disinfecting sanitisation treatment for good indoor health—family-owned since 1987. Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning, superior truck-mounted equipment services, removes more soil dirt viruses, germs, and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland Hibiscus Coast. Certainly, Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service guarantees our superior clean carpet results with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee – the best in the business.

Professional Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Flea Control
  • Mould Clean
  • Pest Control
  • Repair Carpet Laying
  • Inside Car Upholstery Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Couch Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Disinfecting
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Bed Bug Control
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