Truck-Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning Benefitssteam carpet cleaning Auckland

Regardless of whether a steam carpet cleaning firm uses portable steam cleaners or a van powered. These steam cleaner systems offer several significant advantages over portable carpet cleaners, which you would be well advised to learn. 

Family-owned since 1987. The  Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service uses several methods, including the Premium Truck-Mounted steam cleaners Machines that use 80°C Hot Steam Kills and Removes 99% Coronaviruses, Dirt, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust mites, Germs, and 97% of stains.

A truck mount steam cleaners is an upholstery and carpet cleaning unit mounted to the floor of a trailer or van. Hot water extraction is the cleaning method of this unit. When you require to have your office or home carpet cleaned by an Auckland carpet cleaning service provider, you have many options when it comes to carpet cleaning methods and carpet cleaners. Your best option, however, is this truck-mounted carpet cleaning.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning, superior truck-mounted steam cleaners equipment services, removes more soil, dirt, viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast. Steam cleaning is the best way to clean both carpets and rugs also, including upholstery and tapestry. Most manufacturers of these products highly recommend it over other types of steam cleaning. Many people who are not familiar with steam cleaning are often concerned that exposure to boiling water could damage the individual fibres. Here are some of the main points to consider.

Hot Steam, Higher Temperature

Truck-mounted steam carpet cleaners are capable of a lot higher cleaning temperatures. These steam cleaners can deliver water warmer or hotter than 80°C. Capable of Achieving High Water Temperatures – The temperature of the steam water used during steam carpet cleaning is critical. The general rule is: The hotter this water is, the better. Water that is heated to extremely high temperatures will cause the reaction of the cleaning solution to the dirt and grime on the carpet. Thus, it takes place quicker, helping break it down at a molecular level and it becomes easier to removed and cleanse the carpet fibres.

Therefore, it is essential because the higher temperatures will make the washing agents more active. Thus, it permits more effective chemical utilisation and allows cleaners to utilise fewer chemicals regularly. One of the most significant advantages that truck-mounted steam cleaners offer is the ability to heat water to over 80c, which is far hotter than is achievable with even the best portable carpet cleaning machine. The result is cleaner carpets with fewer residues.

Higher PSI Steam Pressure

Truck-mounted steam carpet cleaners are capable of higher PSI pressures of up to fifteen hundred PSI. This pressure is excessive for carpet or rug cleaning. Still, a truck-mounted steam machine system will commonly be operated at around 450 psi. Thus, it is still higher than what a portable steam carpet cleaner can produce. This excess pressure achieves the expectation of significant removal of more soil.

Higher Powerful Vacuum 

In addition to the higher heat and higher PSI pressure, a Truck-mounted steam machine also provides a much higher level of vacuums. The benefit of this is that the steam cleaner will attract a lot more water. Because of this, carpet cleaners who utilise this sort of machine can frequently get dry times in about two hours.

Fewer Risks

Even the best carpet cleaning contractors can accidentally spill cleaning solution or dirty water when filling and emptying the machine. Thus, it could lead to nasty stains on your carpet – the exact thing you can avoid by hiring the contractor. This risk is considerably lower with a truck-mounted steam cleaning unit. Since everything is located outside of your home, inside the firm’s truck, and the capacity of these steam machines is nearly always far higher than that of a portable machine. Usually, the only thing that will need to pass over the threshold of your home is a hose and a cleaning wand.

Quicker Steam Cleaning

Since truck-mounted steam cleaners are more comfortable setting up and having less downtime during a task, your carpet or rug cleaner will be capable of steam cleaning your office or home a lot quicker. Then with portable carpet cleaners, the operator will have to fill and empty the device frequently.

Extremely quick and Easy in Operation steam cleaner – Think about it for a second. If the steam cleaning company that you hire to get your carpets looking like-new utilises a portable carpet cleaning device, therefore, they will have to unload all the equipment from their van and the solutions setting them up.

The truck mounts steam conversely, have big waste tanks and hook up straight to a water source, so as soon as the carpet cleaner starts, it does not stop until completed. However, with a truck-mounted steam cleaners system, everything is ready to go, so the steam cleaner contractor can begin cleaning shortly after arriving at your house. This means they’ll take lesser of your time to get the steam cleaning done. You won’t have to wait too long for significant changes to your routine. Similarly, packing it up again after the work is done will be equally quick and easy.

Less Mess

One last advantage of this specific type of carpet cleaner is, there will be a lesser mess simply because the carpet cleaner has to carry hoses into your office or home. With other portable cleaning systems; A massive, bulky machine comes into the office or home. They often spew, noisy and produce foul humid air into your office or home.

More Overall Power

They can heat the water to significantly higher hotter temperatures. The additional power that these steam cleaner units have means that they can provide a much more consistent steam pressure and a more substantial level of suction, which ensures the best possible cleaning job and returns your carpets to “like new” condition. These steam cleaner advantages will also mean that your carpets will dry a lot quicker than they would do if a portable machine is used to clean them.

If you’ve got filthy carpets, it could pay off to have a truck-mounted steam cleaning service soon. Carpet cleaning service returns them to looking fresh and brand new again.

Carpet Cleaning: The Pros

All research indicates there are some excellent reasons to drag all your furniture into the kitchen once a year and call in the steam cleaners professionals:

  • Maintaining Appearances—It’s recommended you steam clean your carpet every year before you start to notice the stains, spots, and traffic lanes. To keep carpeting looking like new and to have it last a long time. Dirty and soil left in the carpet for too long can work its way into the fibres, making it harder to stain removal.
  • Health Benefits—Your carpet works very much like a big filter in your heating/AC system. It traps all kinds of bacteria, dirt, allergens, dust, pollens and other horrible things in the air. It gets filled up over time. The best way to keep the air you and your family breathe clean and safe is to clean your carpet regularly.
  • Longevity—Finally, steam cleaning your carpets is the best way to ensure you’ll face a replacement with new carpet installation later rather than sooner. Functionally, your carpets will last 10 to 15 years, whether you clean them or not. Put off cleaning your carpet for five years, and the traffic lanes, stains and signs of general wear and tear. Thus, it will have you calling a carpet company for a new rug long before the warranty on your current carpet expires.

Steam Cleaning Carpet Reviews

Best value-effective Auckland carpet cleaners service.  Mention this and get at free disinfecting sanitisation treatment for good indoor health. Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service guarantee our superior clean carpets results with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee – the best in the business.

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Graeme Stephens wrote the above. He is an IICRC master restoration Technician in 2001, with over 33 years of experience in upholstery and carpet cleaning service experience—the owner of Auckland Steam’ n’ Dry.